About MOMO

Better Decision Making With Vulnerable Children & Young People

Young People Using MOMO
MOMO is being used by children as young as 8 and young people as old as 25

MOMO is an award-winning app that helps young people express their views more clearly, get more involved in meetings and make better decisions with their social care team.

It can be used on a normal computer, as well as iPhones and Android devices. As of September 2015 its been used over 8000 times.

For young people its like having an advocate in your pocket.

MOMO has also been adopted by thirty seven Local Authorities who have signed up for Service MOMO and its suite of outcome enhancing features. These authorities are using the app to make it easier for young people to communicate with their social worker and make more frequent and coherent contributions to their reviews, conferences and other meetings.

For them its a vital step towards meeting OFSTED requirements and creating a more child-centred system.

The Problem

The flow of information from young people to professionals is still slow, stilted and sometimes non-existent.

If you’re a young person using social care services then there’s going to be times when you find it difficult to engage with your social worker or tell them about things you are unhappy with. Your life might be in chaos, you may be placed a long way from home or you may feel unhappy with the care system.

If you’re a social worker then you probably wish you had more time to spend engaging with the young people on your caseload. It’s hard to always be there to listen when they have important things to say. It’s even harder to enable them to contribute to review meetings and to speak up when they are unhappy or feeling unsafe.

The result is poorer, more uninformed decision making about how to keep your young people safe, engaged and thriving.

Munro Review Cover
MOMO helps Local Authorities create a more child-centred social care system

What MOMO Does About It

MOMO kickstarts the engagement process and creates conditions for an increased flow of information and better relationships between young people and their social worker.

It protects young people by making it easier for them to talk and share things they are unhappy about. It helps social workers by increasing their understanding of each young person’s issues.

We’ve found all over the UK that it also improves the quality of time social workers spend with young people and increases engagement before and during review meetings. By replacing other less accessible tools it makes the process of preparing for a review more fun.

This all leads to better, more informed decision making, both by young people and those working with them.

Is it Safe?

MOMO is secure, safe to use and designed in accordance with ICO Privacy by Design principles and the Government Digital Service’s design principles. It complies with ISO 27001 standards. More information here.

During its design the MOMO team spent over 100 hours talking to advocates, social workers and young people. Thirteen young people were involved in prototyping and testing MOMO and every few months more young people test out the newest version of the app.

Service MOMO

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